I am relatively new to Asterisk and am looking for help in configuring an IP
based phone.  This phone is not on the same subnet as the PBX.  I read that
there could be an issue with NAT so I am bypassing this by connecting
temporarily with an Internet IP.  So far, I have configured the server
extension with the phone MAC address along with configuring the phone unit
with IP, Gateway and SIP info.  Upon rebooting the phone, I am getting 'NO
Service' message.   Kind of surprised there is no IP option on the PBX
Manager for this extension.  Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks.

Asterisk v.  C.3.3.2
thirdlane PBX Manager
Aastra 6757i phone
Internet provider  -  Fios  (perhaps they are blocking ports?)

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