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        I don't have a landine and use a VOSP to provide access to the
telephone network.

In case a call comes in and I'm not home, I'd like Asterisk to log the
call, and then send an SIP message to my VOSP so the call is forwarded
to my cellphone and is thus charged to the caller, without Asterisk
having to dial out to my cellphone through my VOSP at my expense and
bridge the two calls.

Is this possible?

Thank you.

This is how I understand your question:
I have a home phone that is not a land line that is serviced by a VOSP and
runs Asterisk.  I also have a cell phone.  Rather that using followme and
having my VOSP charge me for two or more calls, I'd like Asterisk to record
call 1 and send a SIP message to the VOSP so that the call continues or is
re-established without a second/third call being charged to Asterisk and/or
my cellphone.

My terse answer would be that you need to use the call-forwarding feature
from your VOSP so that Asterisk never answers the call when you aren't home.
In my experience, Asterisk (and this may be version dependent) isn't so good
at doing "ad-hoc" SIP messages.

Hopefully somebody will provide an improvement on this answer.

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