I have asterisk 1.8.0 installed and I am not able to forward a voicemail from one users mailbox to another user.

I have the user log into their mailbox
press 8 to forward a message
enter the extension of the user I wish to forward too
I don't prepend a audio message
and press # to send the message to the other user

from a debug perspective I don't see any errors. The only message I see is
== Saving '/home/asterisk/asterisk-bin/spool/asterisk/voicemail/irock.com/9XX2XX2009/Old/msg0000.txt': [Jan 2 11:24:18] NOTICE[17036]: app_voicemail.c:5154 copy_message: Copying message from 9xx2xx2...@irock.com to 2...@irock.com

Yet when I look in 2011 spool directory I don't see any message at all. It is just not being copied. What could be the issue?
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