I am trying to configure mysql to use a different datadir than default in
order to move this to a larger volume.  I have copied all mysql data from
/var/lib/mysql to my new volume and ran both chown -R mysql:mysql * and
chmod -R 660 *  in order to setup correct ownership and rights for the
data.  It was working for a few days until today upon going into mysql and
typing show databases, I receive the following error:  ERROR 1018 (HY000):
Can't read dir of '.' (errno: 24).  I quickly double checked my rights and
found them to be correct, then I restarted mysqld and this has fixed it for

Has anyone else run into this problem?  I am concerned that it will happen
again if the actual cause is not corrected.  I am running the latest Fedora
on new quad core Dell hardware with 24GB RAM and 1.7TB of disk.   Any help
and/or suggestions much appreciated.  Thanks.

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