My company is building a VOIP application, and initially were just using a
barebones OpenSIPS implementation to host one-on-one calls; however, we want
to expand the functionality to conferencing (which, of course, OpenSIPS
doesn't handle) and was looking into Asterisk (the other option being
Freeswitch).  I've been poring through the docs, and have even set up a test
server myself, but there are some very specific things we are looking for
that I can't figure out if Asterisk can do or not.

We want to be able to do the following:
- Create dynamic, on-the-fly conferences that can remain active even when
initiating user leaves
- Within a conference, give users the ability to mute and/or deaf individual
- Give users the ability to enter a "whisper" mode with another user - where
they are holding a private conversation that can only be heard by the two of
them ( It sounds like the Meetme module has a functionality like this, but
it is a little vague in the documentation....)
- Allow users to be in two conferences at once; the user would most likely
have one muted at any given time so as to hear the other one, but we want
them to be able to switch back and forth easily

Could anyone advise me on whether Asterisk can accomplish these needs, or
perhaps what it might take to do so?  We are not averse to doing some
customization if we can find the people who know how to make it happen!

Siobhan Hamilton
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