On Sat, 01 Jan 2011 23:32:15 +0000, Sebastian <s...@open-t.co.uk>
>Anyway - there is a third option - which I have been using with some 
>success. I connected my softphone on my laptop to my Asterisk server at 
>home (through OpenVPN for extra security - but this is not compulsory). [...]
>As a last alternative - a slight improvement on the above. If you can 
>get a smartphone with Android - which would let you run SIP over 3G - 
>you should have true free voice divert. 

Thanks Sebastian for the tip. The goal is to 1) have clients call the
usual landline number instead of asking them to try a cellphone in
case no one's home, 2) get Asterisk to handle the call, 3) have the
cellphone ring with the CID of the original caller instead of

It looks like getting a 3G smartphone with SIP + OpenVPN + unlimited
Internet plan would solve the issue.

Does someone know...
1. how reliable 3G Internet access is in Europe in cities?
2. what smartphone supports installing an SIP + OpenVPN clients?
3. how much juice those things need to keep those applications + 3G
connection running for hours each day?

Thank you.

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