On Tue, 4 Jan 2011, Andy Graybeal wrote:

The Polycom 321 has not been EOL'd and supports VLAN.  It is, however,
lacking a 2nd ethernet port if you were to go that route.


Thanks for the response Mark. I see the 331 has two ports and the same features as the 321.

I'm wondering what phone would be best being used as an intercom in a busy kitchen. I asked this some months ago; but this time around I'm writing it into this years budget.

I see the 335 has HD Voice and the 321 has "Clarity by Polycom". Which would be best in a noisy kitchen using the devices speaker phone?

Should I seek another device for the kitchen all-together?

I would. The whole Polycom line seems designed for desktop use, and the speakers just don't get very loud. I have especially had this complaint about the ring volume, even at some desktops!

In the hotels where we have installations that include busy kitchen extensions there seems to be no substitute for an old analog wall mount phone with a really loud ringer (backed by an ATA). That doesn't help you with intercom though...


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