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It looks like getting a 3G smartphone with SIP + OpenVPN + unlimited
Internet plan would solve the issue.

I Would avoid OpenVPN (tested an Android) as it drains quickly battery

Any chance you could provide few more details please? Mainly which phone, what version of Android, and how many hours on standby when using OpenVPN. Also, which application were you running through OpenVPN and was it in constant use (the app).

Hmmh, most of all those infos were given in the original message, see below ;-). HTC Hero rooted with Android 2.1 VillainRom9.0.0 Sip client is SipDroid (tested few others but never got them connecting to our Asterix). OpenVPN drains battery in less then 4 hours without calling.

SipDroid is able to connect using 3G, I use it from time to time.

How I use my mobile phone:

. in the office, connected through WIFI with Asterisk server: can pass and receive calls, any technologie . out of the office: incoming calls to office numbers are routed to my mobile number after x seconds of no answer from the office phones. My mobile subscription include free calls to few landlines numbers 24h/24h 7d/7d: one of them is the office number. Calling this number give me an IVR from where I can enter the number I wish to call using our SIP routes.

As I told, the best SIP client I had is Nokias one. Fully integrated, working out of the box.

I am investigating using OpenVPN with Android - and I would find the above detail very useful.

Many thanks,


2. what smartphone supports installing an SIP + OpenVPN clients?
Without OpenVPN lots off, IPhone, Android, Nokia, Windows mobile, ...
Best SIP client integrated with mobile are Nokias (E series for
instance). I'm running HTC Hero (Android) with SipDroid.



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