It is indeed possible (quite common, actually) to run the wiring as you
describe. If you want to keep the data and voice traffic separate, you
can use VLANs to do so. Your switches will need to support VLANS, and
you will need to configure VLANs to separate the voice and data traffic.

As I understand it, though, you are still subject to the bandwidth
limitations of the underlying network, so it's still possible that heavy
traffic from the PC might affect the voice traffic. QOS or other methods
might be used to help avoid this.

For this reason, I personally prefer to keep my voice and data LANs
physically separated when possible. Obviously, cost and complexity do
increase somewhat. It's probably not a good solution for everyone, but
it sounds like you have a pretty small installation and you might decide
that the additional cost is justified.



Tom, amazing suggestion. I have been on the fence on how I should do this, and your last paragraph succinctly outlines what I've been thinking and leaning towards. I will follow your direction.

Thank you for your response.   I'm good at being molded.

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