On 01/05/2011 10:55 AM, Mike wrote:
If you do get a Polycom, the old 501 (discontinued) have a louder ring (or
can be configured to have a louder ring, don`t quite remember) then the
newer ones. But the others are right: it's not meant for this, at least not
in a noisy environment. What can work though is a Polycom 321, with a (loud)
speaker plugged into the 3.5mm port and properly configured to have the
speaker take the call (see paging app and Polycom admin manual).  It`s a bit
of a hassle but it`s much better than the unreliable and expensive Cyberdata
paging products (I hated the one I tried, replaced it with a 321 as


Ah.. so you've used the Cyberdata intercom and didn't like it. What about it was unreliable? Thank you for the input.

What loud speaker did you end up going with?

Was it cumbersome (space-wise) to have a phone and a loudspeaker?

What exactly was the hassle? Was it just in the original configuration? I don't mind hassle's at the beginning, but hopefully it wasn't a hassle during usage.

This is great information Mike. I was looking at the Cyberdata, and they have a new unreleased one with the 12 key keypad for $450.. uhg.

This is great information, thank you for sharing.


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