For some reason our Asterisk box is doing something really unusual following 
applying a routine update to CentOS 5 on Monday.

We have Asterisk 1.4.2 and its been working great for years.  But now when the 
phone system receives an incoming SIP call, its not providing any audible dial 
sound to any caller.  It is recognizing the incoming call, and after no answer 
for about 5 rings or so, it goes to voice mail.  But there is no audible 'ring' 
to the caller.  Just nothing - blank, empty silence.

Of course any automated answering system (ie. business phone menu, etc.) that 
we have works just fine.  Its just the lines that go directly to an internal 
phone that are no longer providing any audible ring which is sending a message 
to the caller that their call didn't go through.

Does anyone have any idea what might cause this?


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