I'm pretty impressed by how well (comparatively) google voice does in doing voice mail transcripts. So I'd like to have google do my local voice mail, and then email the transcript.

So I set up extensions.conf:

exten =>s,n,Dial(${House_Phones},36)  ; this should be six rings
exten =>s,n,Dial(Gtalk/<my-user-name>/${<my-gv-number>{...@voice.google.com)

but I get this error:

-- Executing [...@incoming-pstn-line:6] Dial("DAHDI/4-1", "Gtalk/<my-user-name>/<my-gv-number>@voice.google.com") in new stack [Jan 5 16:26:22] ERROR[3129]: chan_gtalk.c:1871 gtalk_request: No XMPP client to talk to, us (partial JID) : <my-user-name>

Any help appreciated.


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