On 01/08/2011 03:44 AM, Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
On 01/06/2011 11:34 AM, mgra...@mstvp.com wrote:
We should also be very clear that the Siren codecs are supported on the
Polycom SoundStation conference phones and the VVX-1500 Business Media
Phones. These codecs are not supported in the SoundPoint desk phones.
The SoundPoint series support the more basic G.722 codec in the
IP335/450/550/560/650/670 models.

The SoundPoint IP6000 and IP7000 conference phones (and maybe the IP5000, I haven't checked) also support G.722.1 and G.722.1C.

The IP6000 is actually model Polycom recommended for testing when we implemented G.722.1.

One of the annoying things about the Polycoms is trying to work out what they can do. You have to search quite hard to find which codecs each model supports.


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