Hi Everyone,

I am running multiple instances of Asterisk in Proxmox and so far I had one
central Asterisk feeding all others with trunks from one provider. Now, I
want to connect each Asterisk server directly to the provider. Based on my
understanding, each connection made to the provider port 5060 would be on a
port that is unique to that server. And so other connections made to the
same provider will go out through a different port and should
receive responses through that different port. At least that is my
understanding of NAT. The provider should see me trying to register from the
same IP with multiple different ports (high number ports; not talking about
5060 as this is outbound and not inbound) and should be able to
differentiate between SIP packets coming from various servers. However, it
seems to not happen.

There is some sort of clash and only one of the servers shows registered
with the provider and other's trunks go down. I have noticed that keeping
one server works. It could also be that my Fail2ban kicks in on all servers
if the SIP packets received are broadcasted to all servers which shouldn't
really happen and router should take of this by sending it to the server
that has the established connection through that port.

*My equipment:*
Asterisk 1.6x
Pfsense 1.2.3
Dumb Switch

*My questions:*
A- What is the rational behind this?
B- Do I need a sip proxy server? Something like Siproxd, OpenSIPs, or
C- Which one of the above is the easiest to get running given I never tried
any of those.
D- If I am doing an SIP proxy server then it might have to also be
redundant. What options do I have in that and which of above or any other
suggested package might be great for future expansions.

Clarification on how NAT would work in situations like this would be much

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