Matt Riddell <lists <at>> writes:

> On 1/09/09 5:19 PM, Glen Ganderton wrote:
> >
> > app_cbmysql.c:37:1: warning: "AST_MODULE" redefined
> > <command-line>: warning: this is the location of the previous definition
> > app_cbmysql.c: In function âcheckMaxâ:
> > app_cbmysql.c:116: warning: implicit declaration of function
> > âast_say_numberâ
> > app_cbmysql.c: In function âroomQueryâ:
> > app_cbmysql.c:181: warning: unused variable âeatimeâ
> > app_cbmysql.c:337: warning: control reaches end of non-void function
> I'm not sure how Asterisk is supposed to know that this requires a link 
> to MySQL without being told.
> Are you using the latest version of the app_cbmysql?
> It looks like it needs to be updated for the latest version.
> Alternatively it may say somewhere on their website which version of 
> Asterisk this works with?

Dear Mr. Riddell,

Greetings!!! trust this reaches you to the best of everything..

I have been encountering error whenever i run make install to load cbmysql.
Below is the error.

app_cbmysql.c:529:38: error: macro "ast_config_load" requires 2 arguments,
but only 1 given
app_cbmysql.c: In function âload_configâ:

How i can resolve this problem.

Please help.

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