How can I lock a device state so it can only publish AVAILABE, BUSY, or
RINGNING? (Eg, if the device is not BUSY or RINGNING, its AVAILABLE)


I have a hint published for a fixed phone and a mobile phone. But if the
mobile phone is out of coverage, off or similar, the queue application will
consider the whole group unavailable.

What I want to check for, is only if the device is BUSY or RINGNING, eg the
device in question is engaged in some sort of call. Then the whole group
should be unavailable when it comes to queues, eg persons in queue has to
wait, because both phones belong to the same person, and the same person
cannot be engaged in 2 calls at once.


But if the device is NOT engaged in a call, it should be considered to be
"available", even if the device is offline or not registred, because then
the other device is propably available, and if the "unavailable" device is
that because its offline or not registred, then the person owning it can
obviously not be engaged in the call, and thus its wise to ring the other,
online device.


Best regards, Sebastian Nielsen

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