> On 18/10/2016, at 2:31 am, Jonathan H <lardconce...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have a plain text file, ASCII, unix line breaks. 1 single line, and all 
> that is in it is the word "radio".
> <snip>

Heya Jonathan

Interesting problem!

Unfortunately I can't help with suitable dialplan code to resolve your issue, 
but I thought I'd at least throw this snippet out to you:

If you want to know what is _really_ in that file (including all invisible 
characters and anything else that wc etc might not count), pipe it through 
'hexdump'. Then you get to see the raw contents of the file in hex and can 
compare it to other files or the output you get from other tools (and you can 
look up the ASCII char codes for invisible chars to explore what they are etc).


        cat /home/test/feature-1.txt | hexdump

Hope this tool helps you in your quest :)


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