SIPp's PCAP play feature can replay pre-recorded audio stream towards
destination (see [1]).
Doc mentions tcpdump and Wireshark as tools to record such RTP streams
without further details.

Looking at SIPp 3.2 source archive, I found PCAP samples in a pcap/
Sample pcap/g711a.pcap file includes RTP from to

1. How can you "forge" IPs and/or ports of a pcap file ?

2. When generating simultaneous calls from one source device to a single
target device, do you need to have specific PCAP files (one specific for
each call) with specific source port ?

3. How do you capture an RTP flux with thark or tcpdump ?

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[1] http://sipp.sourceforge.net/doc/reference.html#PCAP+Play
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