Is there a bit more of a detailed explanation of TALK_DETECT anywhere?

I googled and found nothing really beyond the wiki at

I really only want it to listen for one side (the caller) but it seems to
listen to both. OK, I can work round that, but the other thing is, it seems
to be ignoring my threshold values

using Set(TALK_DETECT(set)=silence_ms,noise_ms)



then even though it shouldn't even respond to "hello" (under a second), it
even detects with a click of the fingers, which is definitely not 1200ms.

I really only want it to respond to "Asterisk?" but ... struggling a bit.

In case there's a better way, what I'm trying to do is CONTROLPLAYBACK a
file, but also listen for someone saying what you might call a wake word,
but not via MRCP or anything like that.
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