I'm currently trying to configure a passive Asterisk instance that must
backup an active Asterisk instance.
Each instance is connected this way:
PSTN <---> Gateway <-- SIP --> Asterisk <-- SIP --> endpoints or IPBXs

Most endpoints connect through registration.

With chan_sip, Asterisk saved registration data in its database with lines
such as:
/SIP/Registry/spa3102                             :

Reading such lines in active instance and copying them back in passive
instance, I think you had a mean to have a passive instance ready to treat
calls coming from PSTN as soon as it would become active (I never
experimented with this).

Now, with PJSIP, Asterisk saves registration data with lines such as :
/registrar/contact/foobar: {"via_addr": ... }

Have you tried to copy such registration data from one instance to an
aother one ?
What happened then ?

Best regards
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