On Tuesday 06 March 2018 at 09:05:25, Markus Weiler wrote:

> Hi Group,
> we're just wondering, in German we call the different types of 
> phone-numbers
> (Geographic,mobile,national,VoIP...) Rufnummerngassen (phone number 
> alleys
> ;-) )
> Is there an english word for this?


It's just another example of German choosing to have a single word for
something, where English uses two or more.

In English I'd say "number type", but that's just my opinion - others might
describe this differently.

Just the word "Rufnummer" on its own is another example - "phone number".



The North American Numbering Plan doesn't distinguish between the "number
types." With portability of numbers between mobile and the decreasing number
of landlines and the mobility of mobile numbers eliminating geographic
identity within the U.S., there's little use for classifying them.


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