On 03/06/2018 01:58 PM, Olivier wrote:

I'm running load testing sessions.
My System Under Test is an asterisk 13 with 16GB, configured with maxfiles set 
to 400 000.
This system is supposed do produce simple SIP trunking services without 

The box sending call to my System Under Test is anabled with SIPp.
I'm banging on a 700 concurrent calls/50 CAPS limit I would like to improve, if 

Tests are done with both signaling and media like this:

SIPp <---> SUT (asterisk 13) <---> Asterisk box echoing media

I checked bandwidth first and got 930 Mb/s on each leg (from SIPp to SUT or SUT 
to echoing box) using iperf3 TCP testing though my target relies on UDP

My questions are:

1. Have you ever noticed a better scalability using UDP or TCP ?

2. Where do Retransmission I'm observing on SIPp console most probably come 
from ? Network issues ? My SIPp not beeing correctly tuned ? Lack of resources 
somewhere ?

3. Recommandations ? Suggestions ?


I do network management for a living.

In your description, I see nothing to describe the network other than an 
observed 930Mb/s.

What is the network configuration;  What NIC(s), switches etc.

Treating these as effectively "unlimited" is a certain recipe for banging into 
unexpected limits.

Different NICs and switchs can and do provide differing levels of performance.

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