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I've been checking some cases when a Dial fails and dialplan execution
continues to handle this. I am finding it a little confusing how we should
handle the DIALSTATUS and the HANGUPCAUSE in this situation....
More specifically, I am facing a case in version 13.6.0 where I am getting
a DIALSTATUS=BUSY and HANGUPCAUSE=19 after receiving a 480 SIP error. Seems
wrong to me, since 480 should be converted to HANGUPCAUSE=19 and DIALSTATUS
= NOANSWER (https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/Hangup+Cause+Mappings).
Anyway I am thinking about actually not checking the DIALSTATUS anymore and
just rely on the HANGUPCAUSE, which seems more powerful.
Looks like for a pure SIP environment the HANGUPCAUSE would have a more
accurate information about the error. So question is can I always use this
info and completely ignore what the DIALSTATUS is?
Or does someone knows exactly where is more suitable to use one over the

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Patrick Wakano
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