On 2018-04-10 08:46, Atux Atux wrote:
9+#31#+destination_number. Unfortunately, zoiper did stop on 9#31# and
it dialled one of my recent numbers. The same result happened with

haven't used zoiper at all, so can't comment on its features of parsing numbers. I'd recommend 'hiding' this function or making it transparent to the end user by using something like this:

exten => _06[237]0NXXXXXX!,100,Dial(SIP/${OUTGOING_PROVIDER}/*31#0036${EXTEN:2},55)

where ${OUTGOING_PROVIDER} is set by a macro previously, and *31# i believe is the caller ID set visible. I have used it with #31# as well but the customer requirements have changed and they now want the number to be visible at all times.

Because the #31# or *31# is transparent to the end user and won't have do dial it at all, it doesn't matter if zoiper intercepts digits and parses them on its own.

If you want the end user to be able to control when the number is shown/hidden, i'd recommend using either a pefix (90 for hiding, 91 for showing), or use an SQL backend from where an extensions.conf macro can fetch the current settings (maybe even profile people).


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