Is anyone else using the AMI with for real-time status?

I am working on migrating a FAX application from to I have noticed that the spandsp module generates far fewer 
AMI status events than the Digium module and the generated events contain less 
information. For example when sending a fax there is no longer an event for 
every page. There are just a few FaxStatus events at the beginning and a couple 
at the end but they don’t contain many details. I can pull the required 
information from the Asterisk console by running  fax show session <ID> but 
that output isn’t suitable for parsing.

There doesn’t seem to be a great deal of information about 
via Google.

FaxStatus with
Event: FAXStatus
Privilege: call,all
Operation: send
Status: FAX Transmission In Progress
Channel: Local/1952253xxxx@from-internal-user-00000001;1
Context: send_fax
Exten: s
CallerID: 1763210xxxx
LocalStationID: 1763210xxxx
FileName: /tmp/faxes/1526583220391_merged.tiff

FaxStatus with
Event: FaxStatus
Privilege: call,all
Channel: Local/1952253xxxx@from-internal-user-00000001;1
FAX Session: 1
Call Duration: 12.088
ECM Mode: yes
Data Rate: 14400
Image Resolution: 204x196
Image Encoding: ENC_MMR
Page Size: LT
Document Number: 1
Page Number: 1
File Name: '/tmp/faxes/1526583612555_merged.tiff'
Tx Pages: 0
Tx Bytes: 512
Total Tx Lines: 0
Rx Pages: 0
Rx Bytes: 0
Total Rx Lines: 0
Total Bad Lines: 0
CFR Count: 1
FTT Count: 0
MCF Count: 0
PPR Count: 0
RTN Count: 0
DCN Count: 0
Remote StationID: '952253xxxx          '

I am using options dfzs with the SendFAX application on Asterisk 11.6-cert18.

Steven Wheeler
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