I really love this idea. Thanks for sharing. I've been looking for a good way to provide this service to my customers. Hopefully this will work for me too.


On 11/27/2022 8:08 AM, Doug Lytle wrote:

I've recently discovered openai/whisper and have been trying in earnest to get this working with Asterisk for voicemail transcriptions (Currently using the NerdVittles script with IBM Watson)


After spending several hours today, I've successfully integrated my home Asterisk 16 voicemail with Whisper.

Once I have followed the instructions for setting up an API server


Initially, I setup a quad core VM to test this with, but discovered that without a dedicated card for the inference that it was horribly slow.  So, I've set up testing on my desktop (Kubuntu 20) since I have an nVidia GTX 1060 installed.

For the integration with Asterisk, I'm using a slightly modified script from nerdvittles IBM Watson script


That can be found on their website


I will probably find a low cost nVidia video card and get a stand alone Linux box running to handle this project.

If you're interested in the details, let me know.


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