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> I’ve noticed on several occasions that if Asterisk starts without a
> network connection, then even if the network connection is restored, DNS
> lookups fail.
> After the connection is restored I can successfully do NSLOOKUPs from the
> command line, but the IAX2 registration attempts keep failing because
> Asterisk has a problem.
> My questions are:
> 1.       Is there a way to make Asterisk update (whatever is wrong) and
> resume successful DNS lookups?

There is dnsmgr which is configured in dnsmgr.conf that will periodically
refresh. Older modules (chan_iax2 and chan_sip) don't do lookups at use
time, but instead do it once and store the result (unless they support
dnsmgr and dnsmgr updates it).

> 2.       Is there a way from the Asterisk CLI to detect when Asterisk
> enters this state of failed DNS lookups?  (Other than tracking IAX2/SIP
> registration failures)

Not really.

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