On a fresh install of 18.9 Cert2 (Or the latest 19 if I recall the previous
version I tried.

PJSIP fails to load properly. It seems that the new res_geolocation module
fails to load. But I can't seem to figure out why. And being that it's a
fairly new module (So it seems) google-fo isn't being very helpful. This is
running on Debian 11 and a freshly compiled install with only "make
samples" done to create the config files. Any help would be appreciated!

newasterisk*CLI> module load res_pjsip.so
Unable to load module res_pjsip.so
Command 'module load res_pjsip.so ' failed.
[Dec  5 15:26:18] ERROR[2420]: loader.c:283 module_load_error: res_pjsip
loaded before dependency res_geolocation!

newasterisk*CLI> module load res_geolocation.so
Unable to load module res_geolocation.so
Command 'module load res_geolocation.so ' failed.
[Dec  5 15:26:28] WARNING[2420]: config_options.c:1102
xmldoc_update_config_type: Cannot update type 'location' in module
'res_geolocation' because it has no existing documentation!
[Dec  5 15:26:28] ERROR[2420]: res_geolocation/geoloc_config.c:672
geoloc_config_load: Failed to register geoloc location object with sorcery
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