Hi All,

I have a physical SIP gateway device. It has 5 SIP extensions connected to
Asterisk 10001-10005.
These are all registered - will call this unit the  SIPGW.

If I use Two different phones one to call 10001 and keep the line open -
then call 10002 this works. both calls are answered and speaking.

So if I make a call from my asterisk server with "call files" one to the
10001 it answers - and one to the 10002 - at different times - BOTH work.

However if I make the 10001 call - and while its still speaking I call the
10002 - the second call gets unanswered till the first call is completed.
 I'm guessing that is a function of the SIPGW - good or bad....

Take that a step further - if I use the call file to call 10001 - it
answers - from the polycom I call 10002 - this works also - two
different sources I presume

My question is can "in a call file" somehow - say I am a different source
or something ?
just like the two polycom phones that work - two different source addresses
or something.

Anyone ran into this - or thoughts on something I might try to say the
calls are different sources ?

Thank you.

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