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> Hi,
> We've recently hit an issue with Asterisk 18.8.0 where a call comes in
> via SIP (using pjsip) but it can take 5 seconds before starting to
> execute the dialplan.
> This was intermittent, but frequent (eg approx half of the calls).
> We have verbose logging on, but I didn't see any errors.
> Running asterisk -r -vvvv and then watching SIP traffic in another
> window showed the INVITE coming in, then a good 5 seconds before
> dialplan execution started showing within the Asterisk console.
> We've never seen this before, but it affected 6 our of 8 of our
> Asterisk servers. They're running in debian 11 VMS, with the VMs
> running under KVM on the host OS which is also debian 11.
> Any suggestions where to look next? We've been running Asterisk for
> years but never seen this issue before.
> FWIW, the match= lines for the SIP proxies sending to Asterisk are
> configured by IPv4 address, not host name.

Is the local hostname configured in /etc/hosts and not reliant on an
outside DNS server? Are you using ICE or STUN at all?

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