in my extensions.conf, I have a custom macro which I use at the
beginning of incoming call, and then I turn on cdr recording:

exten => 123456789,1,Macro(record)
        same => n,Set(CDR_PROP(disable)=0)

the macro is defined later, and sets one filename variable:

        exten => s,1,Set(FILE=${CDR(src)}-${CDR(dst)}.wav)

my question is, how can I log this filename in my cdr ?

I would like to have custom field in my sqlite database, where this
filename is stored.

I added another column in my cdr_sqlite3_custom.conf with the variable

columns => time, src, dst, duration, file
values =>

but the column is empty

it looks like the variable is local to the macro, and does not exist

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