Hi List

Asterisk 16.28.0 in use.

PJSIP in use
Two endpoints
Both using IPv6

One Endpoint on UDP, the other via TLS.

Both with:


Both sides are T.38 capable and detect fax tone so no need for fax
detection on asterisk.

Voice calls between the two work fine.

But on a Fax call, I see this situation:

A <=> Asterisk <=> B

A: INVITE + Audio SDP => Asterisk => (same SDP) => B

B: 200 OK + Audio SDP => Asterisk => (same SDP) => A

* B Detects Fax-Tone!

B: Re-Invite + UDPTL => Asterisk => (same SDP) => A

A: 200 OK + UDPTL => Asterisk => 488 => B

I tweakted the udptl setting in various ways, but I am unable to figure
out, why Asterisk is sending a 488 to B, after it first happily
forwarded the SDP to A and got confirmation from A it was happy to
accept that DSP.

Any hint?

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