I am not comfortable with admitting this on a public userlist [;-)] but after over forty years in software development and manual-reading and -interpretation, I've finally hit one that I can't get past.

I've mention previously that I worked with Asterisk in older days--like in around 2003--and never had any trouble understanding what to do and how to do it in order to make it work. I am attempting to build what's probably the world's most basic system--one incoming trunk from a DID provider going to one internal extension that answers, plays a couple things, and possibly takes a message. I'd also like to add two extensions with real physical endpoints--phones--one local, one remote. I think I can manage that part. It's the initial SIP stuff that's making me dizzy.

The book I am now reading--"Asterisk, the Definitive Guide" by Madsen, Bryant and Meggelin for Asterisk version 16-- assumes I have built an implementation from source, and that includes SQL. There are tons of references to SQL databases in the book which I understand, but having installed Asterisk from a distribution package, that component is not part of the installation, so I am presumably expected to supply the information by manually entering it into configuration files. I'm OK with doing that, too. The part I'm having trouble with is that the samples in the configuration files, particularly pjsip.conf, offer several choices for some of the stanzas, like all the things defining trunks and endpoints, and that's where I'm losing it. The book makes it sound and look so easy--add a couple records to a couple SQL tables according to your instruments and DID providers, and it probably works just that smoothly and easily. But how does one make these choices when one has to manually edit these configurations and choose the one that at least halfway looks like the SQL stuff in the book?

I think I need a little hand-holding and am willing to buy some from someone who has the time and inclination to provide it. I'm a fast learner, I record all such sessions, and I'm sure I can get what I need in a couple hours, most likely less. if you're interested, or know someone who is, please contact me off-list, with my eternal thanks in advance.

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