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You must be using a prebuilt system, maybe a prebuilt Asterisk-based distribution?   Asterisk does not send email by default... Almost nothing is done by default.  Things like sending email have to be specifically configured to do so in voicemail.conf.  If you don't want to send email, remove the email addresses.

For custom greeting, best bet is Playback() that greeting and then call VoiceMail() with the 's' option for silent which means no greeting.  Or you can do the 'welcome' process for setting up a new email box and set the busy/unavailable greetings inside the mailbox itself.  There's an option in the docs to force new-user-setup if the pin number matches the extension.

Asterisk Console: core show application Voicemail

On 6/6/23 17:21, Steve Matzura wrote:
I'm setting up voicemail on my answering-machine project.

Since the directory for voicemail messages for an extension doesn't exist until there's a message to be saved therein, how can I create a custom greeting since it goes in that directory? That's what it sounds like the book is telling me anyway.

Also, how do I tell the Voicemail() application to play a custom greeting? I don't mean one I can create with VoicemailMain; I mean to play a prepared file, or possibly have no greeting at all, with the greeting message actually being contained in the message played in the Play() application. It doesn't matter which way I do it, I'm just trying to figure out how to do one or the other, whichever is the right way.

And one more, if I don't want voicemail messages to be sent out by email, how do I suppress this? It seems that the default is to send the email, but there's no option I could found that lets me say no, don't send.

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