I’ve reread the documentation a few times, and what isn’t clear is whether I 
need an app=X parameter in the url.  In other words, can I only get events for 
a single named statis app?  Or can I get events for the entire Asterisk server?


The command below (without app= parameter) results in no events being shown, 
but no error either.




(Ast newbie)



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I tried the command below (with subscribeAll=yes).  I made a couple of calls 
but didn’t see any events.  Should I see events?


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I have the ARI enabled on my Asterisk test box, and want to listen to all 
events.  I can’t find the syntax to do that.  Can I only listen to events 
related to a stasis app?  


I was hoping that a simple wscat command like this would show me all events:


wscat -c "ws://localhost:8088/ari/events?api_key=asterisk:asterisk "


This does not listen to all events by default. If you want to listen to 
everything you can pass subscribeAll=yes[1] like so:







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