I'm monitoring the ARI, and if extension 1 calls extension 2, it seems that
extension 2 enters the bridge first, then extension 1 enters the bridge.
Can I safely (always) determine who initiated the call by who is the latest
endpoint to enter the bridge?  Or is there a better way to know who
initiates the call?  


I want to make this dialplan agnostic, so I don't want to listen for
ChannelDialplan events.  I see a Dial event that holds caller and peer
information but that doesn't mean a bridge will be successful,  so do I have
to start tracking the id's of each endpoint, track who 'dialed', and once a
bridge is entered try to related that data?


Looking ahead I wonder how to handle if extension 1 calls a call group..but
I'll ignore that for now.




(ast newb)

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