And I have to admit, I have learned a lot just investigating this.  (And 
appreciate the advice)


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On 6/26/23 5:19 PM, Jeff LaCoursiere wrote:

On 6/26/23 9:00 AM, Joshua C. Colp wrote:

On Mon, Jun 26, 2023 at 10:57 AM TTT < <> 
> wrote:

I am connecting to the ARI with subscribe all, so I can see channels being 
created.  I now want to extract a variety of header variables (at the moment 
the from and to tag).  I tried to read them from the ARI but Asterisk refuses 
since the channel is not in a  stasis app.


Is there a way to read these from either the ARI or AMI ?  I’m trying not to 
modify the dialplan.


ARI, No.

AMI, Yes[1]. 




I'm curious what the actual application is here - you want to connect to AMI to 
pull information that you will use to pretend to be a leg, just to send "BYE", 
when you could just hangup the leg with AMI (or do just about anything else you 
might think of).  Sometimes it is better to fully explain what you are trying 
to accomplish, and some folks here can try to steer you towards a workable 
solution.  It almost sounds... nefarious.

Meant that towards TTT, not Josh, in case that wasn't clear.

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