Hi Group

I have a customer who really want to use Cisco 8945 phones with video.
Yes I know they are supported with an Asterisk patch and this document looks 
quite detailed: http://docs.acsdata.co.nz/asterisk-cisco/document-overview.shtml

Alternatively I will be providing an option to use the Yealink T49G which are 
way more expensive and are not PoE but I feel way more comfortable using since 
I natively support Yealink phones.

1) Has anyone have experience with supporting Cisco phones with the Asterisk 
2) Has anyone played with the Yealink T49G which there are not many reviews 

PS. for interest, Cisco is providing the 78xx and 88xx series IP Phones in a 
Third Party Call Control variant which is OFFICIALLY supported with Asterisk. 
The config looks identical to SPA phones so that should be interesting to play 
with. Note you have to buy them as this and can only move to an enterprise 
software load, not back.

Michael Knill

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