I agree with Michael Keuter that your SIP provider *should* be able offer some 
sub-account feature where a single static IPv4 address can host multiple 
independent accounts.

Probably not a solution for you, but there is an "outbound-snat" firewall 
plugin which can re-write the outgoing NAT'ed packets source address to any 
aliased static external IPv4 address depending on the internal source address.

Your situation is more complicated since your AstLinux is at-the-edge and is 
not NAT'ed (a good thing) and you would need some unique identifier to match on 
for each account like a unique port number.


On Oct 12, 2016, at 5:26 AM, Michael Knill <michael.kn...@ipcsolutions.com.au> 

> Hi group
> I have a problem which I don't think I will be able to fix.
> I have built an Astlinux hosted App server which I am hoping to connect 
> multiple trunks to my Service Provider.
> Now the problem is that my Service Provider does SIP Trunks only that need a 
> unique IP Address. Ok so I add some alias addresses and use these! 
> This is fine in principle but it does not work as it always uses the primary 
> address as the source address for all SIP traffic which I anticipate will 
> break the trunk on the alias address.
> Any ideas on how I could rectify this? I think that I will be struggling to 
> fix this problem.
> Regards
> Michael Knill

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