I made changes based on recommendations here to have the banned hosts
persist after a reboot. On the status screen there was a long list of
banned hosts under the "Adaptive Ban Plugin Status" section. I recently
rebooted, and I noticed the list has far fewer IP addresses than it used
to. Note that I also upgraded Astlinux to the most recent stable version.

My question is, did upgrading make the change I put in place to keep the
banned hosts after a reboot back to some default I do not know about?
Another issue is that I did not write down the change I made to have the
banned hosts persist after a reboot, so I can't even check it.

So, would someone please advise me as to what I likely changed to have
banned hosts persist after a reboot? Also, does upgrading Astlinux switch
any user changes to default software configurations back to defaults?

Thank you,

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