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> I went through the archives, and the  wiki but I still wasn't sure...
> I have a shiny new Lenovo z70, kernel 4.0-rc1/3.  Dmesg reports failures for 
> loading  firmware in /lib/firmware/ath10k/QCA6174/hw2.1/...
> So I found the firmware Git repo,  but it seems to be missing hw2.1. I even 
> symlinked 2.1 to  3.0, no dice.

You can't use hw3 firmware for hw2 hardware.

The problem is there's no publicly available ath10k firmware for hw2 hardware..

> I don't dual boot and this is a laptop  so I'm looking to get  my WiFi 
> working.  Any pointers are appreciated.  Thanks.

You could try building hw2 firmware ath10k binary yourself. You need
to fetch athwlan.bin from Windows driver, extract otp image from hw3
firmware ath10k binary and then re-assemble both into hw3 firmware for
ath10k. The ath10k binary blob is a tag-length-value format and can be
understood by looking at ath10k_core_fetch_firmware_api_n().

Nobody seems to have tried this yet though.


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