On 14 October 2016 at 10:05, Jiří Prchal <jiri.prc...@aksignal.cz> wrote:
>> What channel is your AP in? Are there multiple APs in the area? This
>> could be also a channel problem, 'iw list' helps to investigate that (or
>> changing the channel on AP).
> As I wrote the problem was channel. However it should work cause I set
> country to CZ.
> May be I should open new thread?

You typically need to do an intersection between 2 regulatory domains:
the one that the chip was certified/calibrated (baked into eeprom)
against and the one of your system (which is supposed to be tied to
your current geolocation).

If the chip's eeprom implies you can't use ch13 and your system says
you can then you still can't use ch13.

`iw list` will output list of channels that are available and their
flags (e.g. "disabled", or "no-ir").


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