On Wed, May 16, 2018 at 07:28:21PM +0200, Erik Stromdahl wrote:
> Hello Niklas
> Quick question:
> Are you using my patch: "ath10k: add htt_tx num_pending window"?

Nope, but I definitely think that your patch should be merged,
since the current code can lock/unlock/lock a lot of times for
no good reason.

(I actually tried it, but I could still reproduce the bug with it.)

> I assume (from your logs below) that you are not...

Thanks a lot for you suggestions Erik!

Increasing max_num_pending might be a good idea (perhaps we will
get better thoughput in the SDIO case).

However, increasing either max_num_pending or
HTC_HOST_MAX_MSG_PER_TX_BUNDLE would probably just move the problem,
since it would still be possible for us to get hit by the same problem
again in the future.

I actually took Toke's suggestion and cooked up a patch:

Kind regards,

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