On 5/8/2022 7:26 PM, Abhishek Kumar wrote:
Board data files wrapped inside board-2.bin files are
identified based on a combination of bus architecture,
chip-id, board-id or variants. Here is one such example
of a BDF entry in board-2.bin file:
It is possible for few platforms none of the combinations
of bus,qmi-board,chip-id or variants match, e.g. if
board-id is not programmed and thus reads board-id=0xff,
there won't be any matching BDF to be found. In such
situations, the wlan will fail to enumerate.

Currently, to search for BDF, there are two fallback
boardnames creates to search for BDFs in case the full BDF
is not found. It is still possible that even the fallback
boardnames do not match.

As an improvement, search for BDF with full BDF combination
and perform the fallback searches by stripping down the last
elements until a BDF entry is found or none is found for all
possible BDF combinations.e.g.
Search for initial BDF first then followed by reduced BDF
names as follows:
<No BDF found>

Tested-on: WCN3990/hw1.0 WLAN.HL.3.2.2.c10-00754-QCAHLSWMTPL-1
Signed-off-by: Abhishek Kumar <kua...@chromium.org>

Changes in v3:
- As discussed, instead of adding support for default BDF in DT, added
a method to drop the last elements from full BDF until a BDF is found.
- Previous patch was "ath10k: search for default BDF name provided in DT"

  drivers/net/wireless/ath/ath10k/core.c | 65 +++++++++++++-------------
  1 file changed, 32 insertions(+), 33 deletions(-)

diff --git a/drivers/net/wireless/ath/ath10k/core.c 
index 688177453b07..ebb0d2a02c28 100644
--- a/drivers/net/wireless/ath/ath10k/core.c
+++ b/drivers/net/wireless/ath/ath10k/core.c
@@ -1426,15 +1426,31 @@ static int ath10k_core_search_bd(struct ath10k *ar,
        return ret;
+static bool ath10k_create_reduced_boardname(struct ath10k *ar, char *boardname)
+       /* Find last BDF element */
+       char *last_field = strrchr(boardname, ',');
+       if (last_field) {
+               /* Drop the last BDF element */
+               last_field[0] = '\0';
+               ath10k_dbg(ar, ATH10K_DBG_BOOT,
+                          "boardname =%s\n", boardname);

nit: strange spacing in the message. i'd expect consistent spacing on both side of "=", either one space on both sides or no space on both sides. also the use of "=" here is inconsistent with the use of ":" in a log later below

+               return 0;
+       }
+       return -ENODATA;
  static int ath10k_core_fetch_board_data_api_n(struct ath10k *ar,
                                              const char *boardname,
-                                             const char *fallback_boardname1,
-                                             const char *fallback_boardname2,
                                              const char *filename)
-       size_t len, magic_len;
+       size_t len, magic_len, board_len;
        const u8 *data;
        int ret;
+       char temp_boardname[100];
+       board_len = 100 * sizeof(temp_boardname[0]);
/* Skip if already fetched during board data download */
        if (!ar->normal_mode_fw.board)
@@ -1474,20 +1490,24 @@ static int ath10k_core_fetch_board_data_api_n(struct 
ath10k *ar,
        data += magic_len;
        len -= magic_len;
- /* attempt to find boardname in the IE list */
-       ret = ath10k_core_search_bd(ar, boardname, data, len);
+       memcpy(temp_boardname, boardname, board_len);
+       ath10k_dbg(ar, ATH10K_DBG_BOOT, "boardname :%s\n", boardname);

nit: use of ":" inconsistent with use of "=" noted above.
also expect space after ":, not before: "boardname: %s\n"

- /* if we didn't find it and have a fallback name, try that */
-       if (ret == -ENOENT && fallback_boardname1)
-               ret = ath10k_core_search_bd(ar, fallback_boardname1, data, len);
+       /* attempt to find boardname in the IE list */
+       ret = ath10k_core_search_bd(ar, temp_boardname, data, len);
- if (ret == -ENOENT && fallback_boardname2)
-               ret = ath10k_core_search_bd(ar, fallback_boardname2, data, len);
+       /* If the full BDF entry was not found then drop the last element and
+        * recheck until a BDF is found or until all options are exhausted.
+        */
+       if (ret == -ENOENT)
+               if (!ath10k_create_reduced_boardname(ar, temp_boardname))
+                       goto retry_search;
if (ret == -ENOENT) {

note that ath10k_create_reduced_boardname() returns -ENODATA when truncation fails and hence you won't log this error when that occurs

                           "failed to fetch board data for %s from %s/%s\n",
-                          boardname, ar->hw_params.fw.dir, filename);
+                          temp_boardname, ar->hw_params.fw.dir, filename);

does it really make sense to log the last name tried, temp_boardname? or does it make more sense to still log the original name, boardname?

maybe log each failure in the loop, before calling ath10k_create_reduced_boardname()?

                ret = -ENODATA;
@@ -1566,7 +1586,7 @@ static int ath10k_core_create_eboard_name(struct ath10k *ar, char *name, int ath10k_core_fetch_board_file(struct ath10k *ar, int bd_ie_type)
-       char boardname[100], fallback_boardname1[100], fallback_boardname2[100];
+       char boardname[100];
        int ret;
if (bd_ie_type == ATH10K_BD_IE_BOARD) {
@@ -1579,25 +1599,6 @@ int ath10k_core_fetch_board_file(struct ath10k *ar, int 
                        return ret;
- /* Without variant and only chip-id */
-               ret = ath10k_core_create_board_name(ar, fallback_boardname1,
-                                                   sizeof(boardname), false,
-                                                   true);
-               if (ret) {
-                       ath10k_err(ar, "failed to create 1st fallback board name: 
-                                  ret);
-                       return ret;
-               }
-               /* Without variant and without chip-id */
-               ret = ath10k_core_create_board_name(ar, fallback_boardname2,
-                                                   sizeof(boardname), false,
-                                                   false);
-               if (ret) {
-                       ath10k_err(ar, "failed to create 2nd fallback board name: 
-                                  ret);
-                       return ret;
-               }
        } else if (bd_ie_type == ATH10K_BD_IE_BOARD_EXT) {
                ret = ath10k_core_create_eboard_name(ar, boardname,
@@ -1609,8 +1610,6 @@ int ath10k_core_fetch_board_file(struct ath10k *ar, int 
ar->bd_api = 2;
        ret = ath10k_core_fetch_board_data_api_n(ar, boardname,
-                                                fallback_boardname1,
-                                                fallback_boardname2,
        if (!ret)
                goto success;

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