On 10 January 2012 12:45, Hasan Rashid <hras...@avionica.com> wrote:
> Adrian,
> This is not an OS issue as I see similar results in Windows, it is definitely 
> a low-level hardware issue.

Right, but as I said, it could be something that is worked around in softwar.e

> I am using a Portwell PQ7-C100XL carrier board with a Portwell PQ7-M105 Q7 
> module. The radio is initialized properly without any driver hacks with that 
> cpu+board pair.
> Portwell Q7 M105 has AMI BIOS v2.14.1219 on it.


I'd be cautious about using the NIC if it's reporting an ID of 0xabcd
- that means a bunch of the registers being setup during initial
power-on aren't being written. This involves more than just the
vendor/subvendor IDs.

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