On Tue, Jan 10, 2012 at 3:45 PM, Hasan Rashid <hras...@avionica.com> wrote:
> Adrian,
> This is not an OS issue as I see similar results in Windows, it is definitely 
> a low-level hardware issue.
> I am using a Portwell PQ7-C100XL carrier board with a Portwell PQ7-M105 Q7 
> module. The radio is initialized properly without any driver hacks with that 
> cpu+board pair.
> Portwell Q7 M105 has AMI BIOS v2.14.1219 on it.
> Regards, Hasan R.

Hey All,

We actually had the exact same problem with a board we were
prototyping on. Working with the manufacturer it turned out to be a
"feature" of the AMI BIOS they were using on the card (sorry I don't
have the version right off hand). What happens is that the AMI BIOS
does a Root Bridge reset on all the PCI-e buses upon power on. This
reset can interfere with the initialization of certain types of cards
that have serial eeprom that are based off an R-C time constant
circuit at Power-On. Luckily for us the manufacturer was willing to
patch the BIOS and resolved our issue. Perhaps you can contact
Portwell with this info and see if they are willing to help.

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