We're all happy to answer technical questions about what's going on
behind the scenes here, at least to some degree.

The AR9285/AR9485 diversity config is a little difficult to wrap your
head around first if you've grown up in MIMO 11n NICs, but it's not
that scary.

The problem though is:

* Is it RX calibration related?
* Is it RX gain related? There's a bunch of gain/signal sizing
settings to bring the signal into the right range for reception; that
may be misconfigured.
* Is it ANI related? Ani changes the above.
* Is it antenna diversity related? the AR9285/AR9485 diversity setup
lets you configure how you _mix_ the two antenna signals upon
reception - there's two LNAs and you can configure them in various
ways (LNA1, LNA2, LNA1+LNA2, LNA1-LNA2, LNA2-LNA1.) They have
different behaviours, obviously, so software has to probe the right
one to use given the current conditions.

There's likely more stuff going on there too, I'd have to go digging
into the AR9485 radio code in ath9k to understand.


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