On Mon, Aug 29, 2016 at 11:25 PM, Arnd Bergmann <a...@arndb.de> wrote:
> On Monday 29 August 2016, Martin Blumenstingl wrote:
>> > and then do a swab32() on them. I suspect these should just be __le32
>> > (and __le16, respectively where needed), using appropriate accessors
>> > everywhere that those fields are being read instead of having one function
>> > that tries to turn them into cpu-native ordering.
>> I'm not sure if we want those fields to be __le32:
>> BIT(0) in the eepMisc field indicates whether to interpret the data as
>> big or little endian.
>> When this bit is set we would want these fields to be __be32 instead -
>> so I guess the current implementation is "OK" for this specific
>> use-case.
> Ok, I see. It's still confusing because it's different from how other
> drivers handle this (case in point: I was very confused by this).
lesson learned: specification should state that data is _either_ big
or little endian, no mix between these two

> Do you see any downsides in changing the code to consistently annotate
> the eeprom as either __le or __be (whichever is more common), using
> the respective endianess accessors, and then doing the swap if the
> data we read is the opposite way?
I am assuming you mean leNN_to_cpu() and beNN_to_cpu() here?

old logic:
- reading data: simply access the struct fields

LE system:
- LE EEPROM -> no swap will be applied
- BE EEPROM -> swab16 / swab32 the fields
BE system:
- LE EEPROM -> swab16 / swab32 the fields
- BE EEPROM -> no swap will be applied

new logic (assuming that we went for __le16/__le32 fields):
- reading data: use le16_to_cpu and le32_to_cpu for all fields

LE system:
- LE EEPROM -> no swap will be applied
- BE EEPROM -> be16_to_cpu / be32_to_cpu (or swab16 / swab32 as before)
BE system:
- LE EEPROM -> le16_to_cpu / le32_to_cpu (or swab16 / swab32 as before)
- BE EEPROM -> no swap will be applied

There is one downside of the "new approach" I can think of: you need
to swap the data twice in some cases (BE EEPROM on a BE machine).
- first swap while writing the data to __le16/__le32 fields
- second swap while reading the data from the __le16/__le32 fields
If you forget to swap a field in either place then things will be broken.

Maybe someone else wants to state his/her opinion on this - I guess
some fresh thoughts could help us a lot!

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