Christian Lamparter <> wrote:
> Currently, the common ath9k_common module needs to have a
> dependency on RELAY and DEBUG_FS in order to built. This
> is usually not a problem. But for RAM and FLASH starved
> AR71XX devices, every little bit counts.
> This patch adds a new symbol CONFIG_ATH9K_COMMON_DEBUG
> which makes it possible to drop the RELAY and DEBUG_FS
> dependency there and move it to ATH_(HTC)_DEBUGFS.
> Note: The shared FFT/spectral code (which is the only user
> of the relayfs in ath9k*) needs DEBUG_FS to export the relayfs
> interface to dump the data to userspace. So it makes no sense
> to have the functions compiled in, if DEBUG_FS is not there.
> Signed-off-by: Christian Lamparter <>

Patch applied to ath-next branch of ath.git, thanks.

1077ec472df4 ath9k: move RELAY and DEBUG_FS to ATH9K[_HTC]_DEBUGFS


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