I'm trying to wrap my head around ostree/rpm-ostree/atomic to think about
how Satellite-6 (and upstream katello) can contribute to the flow. A couple

First, I see rpm-ostree-toolkit referenced in a lot of places but am
struggling to find it as an rpm. Is it upstream somewhere? I was pointed to
internal Red Hat brew[1] but for being referenced so often it seems like I
must be doing something wrong in not finding it available to install.

Next, is there a way to create an ostree repo from a running atomic host?
I've seen the various articles and docs describing a compose server w/
modified json, etc. As a very new user, though, the simplest way to
experiment with making new repos is directly on the host (ostree pkg-add,
etc.). How can I take that host and provide it as a template to other hosts?

Find me on IRC @thomasmckay, if you're willing to help me understand this
stuff. Thanks!

[1] https://brewweb.engineering.redhat.com/brew/buildinfo?buildID=492401

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